About Me

About Natural Cosmetics

Hi there,

I am Sara, and I have more than 10 years of experience as a beautician. Through my career, I helped people with various skin and hair issues. While some modern day treatments for these problems worked for some people, not everything works for everyone. Many of my customers with very sensitive skin couldn’t find the right products. To help them I started learning a great deal about natural ingredients and how to prepare my own cosmetics. With the time, I found my own cosmetics, prepared with 100% natural ingredients to be more efficient than the expensive commercial products. I helped many customers with sensitive skin.

After becoming a mom, I began making many homemade cosmetics for our family, including homemade baby cosmetics to help my lovely family stay healthy. Since then I began creating these homemade cosmetics for friends and family members alike and simply want to share with you what I have learned.

Natural Cosmetics has been proven to provide many benefits to those who enjoy them and with the knowledge and experience I have obtained through the years, I hope to help you provide these amazing benefits to your family and friends. You will find many of my tested and proven recipes and information about different ingredients and products as well as where to buy the natural ingredients used in the recipes provided here. Not only you will be able to enjoy making these homemade cosmetics recipes, but the health of your family will improve through their use.

All the recipes that you will find here are ones that I have personally used and found great success with. These homemade cosmetics will not only help you to switch from those with potentially harmful chemicals, but allow you to provide fun gifts for friends and family members, and enjoy them in your own home. You may even enjoy making them with your friends and family as a group to share the knowledge provided with even more people.

You will also find information on different natural ingredients health benefits and how to use them in various recipes to make the healthiest products. Simply enjoy the recipes that you find here and you will see the benefits for yourself.