Natural Hair Treatment with Grapeseed and Jojoba oils

What could be better for your hair than a natural treatment with two of the best oils for hair? These two oils are the grapeseed and the jojoba. Even they are less known these oils are widely used in some of the most expensive hair lotions.

Grapeseed oil is one of my favorite oils for preparing beauty products.  One of the reasons is that it is not costly and easy to find. It is surprising how many people don’t know about it. Grapeseed oil is produced by cold-pressing of grape seeds, widely available as a byproduct of the wine making. It is also excellent for cooking as it lacks any particular flavor which makes it perfect for salad dressing. Grapeseed oil is also ideal for frying due to its high smoking point which can prevent burning and changing the taste of your food.

Let’s go back to the hair treatment.

Grapeseed oil hair benefits.

Grapeseed oil, as I already mentioned is very light oil so it will not make your hair greasy as the olive or coconut oils would do. It is one of the most preferred oils in natural cosmetics also because it is odorless. Grapeseed oil contains a high amount of linoleic acid, a type of omega-6 fatty acid. Research has demonstrated that when applied to the skin, this fatty acid can help combat dryness by providing protection against moisture loss. As you know, the best way to treat your hair is by treating your scalp.

Jojoba oil hair benefits.

Jojoba oil is even lighter than grapeseed oil so both in combination will provide perfect treatment for your hair locking in the moisture without any greasy feeling. Jojoba oil is used as an additive in many cosmetic products, especially those marketed as being made from natural ingredients. In particular, such products commonly containing jojoba oil are lotions and moisturizers, hair shampoos and conditioners. Jojoba oil is also a fungicide, and can be used for controlling dandruff. It is great antioxidant and has probably the longest shelf life from all natural oils.

The perfect oils combination for hair

The two oils, grapeseed, and jojoba make an excellent combination for hair treatment. They work so well that you will notice a significant difference even after the first use.

You can use these oils as a hair treatment alone or in combination massaging them directly into your hair and scalp. However, for preparing the perfect oils combination for hair treatment, I will advise adding few drops of essential oils to the mixture for excellent and long-lasting effect.

Which essential oils will work best in combination with jojoba and grapeseed oil?

When speaking of hair, my first choice would be the lavender essential oil. It is probably the most versatile essential oil with many benefits but for hair repair and growth it is unbeatable. Excellent complimentary oil is the rosemary essential oil. Rosemary oil is widely used for hair care in expensive shampoos and lotions. Regular use of rosemary oil helps to stimulate follicles, making hair grow longer and stronger. It is also believed that rosemary oil slows down premature hair loss and graying of the hair.

What makes this hair treatment so perfect is the right combination of natural ingredients. Remember to use only cold pressed and unrefined oils. During the refining process, they lose many of their healing properties.

So what you will need to prepare for your natural hair treatment:

For a single hair treatment:

1tbsp cold pressed grapeseed oil

1tbsp raw, unrefined jojoba oil

20 drops lavender essential oil

20 drops rosemary essential oil

For normal hair treatment use before bath:

Warm up the oils to 120F. Try not to exceed this temperature. To avoid overheating use double boiler technique. Add the essential oils and stir well. Dip you finger tips into the oils mix and then massage into your scalp and hair.

Remember that the hair shaft above the skin is dead. There are very few things you can do to repair it if it’s already damaged. The best you can do is to protect your hair by locking the moisture. The proven practice for hair care is to focus on the scalp, from where the new hair is grown. I would advise using this natural oils hair treatment once or twice per week before taking a shower. Leave the oils on your hair for at least an hour before shampooing.

For dry hair treatment use after bath:

If you suffer from dry hair, you can use this recipe right after washing your hair. You will have to apply smaller quantity from the oils on your palms and massage it into your hair and scalp. The good thing is that both jojoba and grapeseed oils absorb very fast and do not leave a greasy feeling in comparison to many other oils. In that case, you can also add 10 drops of geranium essential oil (optional). It has wonderful fragrance and will scent your hair.

It is relatively easy and cheap to prepare this natural hair treatment, and I promise you that you will feel the difference even after the first time using it.

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