5 Natural DIY antiperspirant deodorants

After my article on antiperspirants, many people asked me to give some examples of easy to make natural and safe DIY deodorants. The thing is that a safe and efficient deodorant is not easy to make, so I had to simplify my existing formulations and to test them to come out with something easy and doable at home.

Generally speaking, you can make fantastic deodorant sticks and roll-ons at home with natural ingredients, and they can look and feel like professional quality products. Also, you can easily source the products for natural deodorants but making them require some experience and good formulation. Saying that, the good deodorants with professional look aren’t too easy to be made by anyone. This is why I came with few solutions that can be easier crafted at home from accessible ingredients

First of all, I talk about “deodorants” and not antiperspirant because the term “antiperspirants” is reserved for the synthetic aluminum salts only. However, some natural ingredients can reduce, in a certain degree, the perspiration and fight effectively the sweat odor.


Naturally, the human sweat doesn’t smell. The odor comes from the degradation of the sweat by bacteria living on the skin of our armpits. The target of a natural deodorant will be to fight that odor by several ways:

  1. Suppress the bacteria growth and thus elimination the source of the odor.
  2. Mask the odor limiting its effect.
  3. Absorbing the sweat, limiting the humidity
  4. And the most difficult task – limiting the sweat secretion.

To achieve these properties, I will use only natural fragrances, antibacterial agents, absorbents, and so on. The form of the final product can be cream or gel in a roll-on container, spray, and stick. As you can guess the most difficult is to create a stick.

Here are 5 simple formulations

  1. Simple deodorant spray, alcohol based

20ml Alcohol – You can use pure grain vodka or medical ethanol, but it should not be above 70%.

5ml Vegetable glycerin

15 drops Sage essential oil

15 drops Lime essential oil

15 drops Tea tree essential oil

In a 30 ml spray bottle add the alcohol and then the essential oils. Mix thoroughly after adding each essential oil.

Add the glycerin and shake the bottle to dissolve the glycerin entirely. The glycerin is soluble in water and alcohol.

Use by spraying directly to your armpits.

The alcohol kills the bacteria, and the tea tree essential oils can suppress their growth for a long time. Lime and sage essential oils are excellent astringents and can reduce sweating while masking the odor in the same time. The glycerin is humectant moisturizing and softening the skin contributing to soft and gentle feeling. Some people may be sensitive to alcohol and experience irritation. In such case choose another formulation.

2. Chamomile – alum deodorant spray

40 ml Chamomile hydrosol

1g Himalaya pink salt

1g alum powder (you need to get very fine powder)

5 drops lemongrass essential oil

Dissolve the salt and the alum in the hydrosol and add the essential oil. Pour in a 50 ml spray bottle and use directly on your armpits. You will have to shake well before each use.

Chamomile hydrosol has natural antiseptic and deodorizing properties. Alum is one of the best natural deodorants with low pH close to the natural skin pH. Lemongrass essential oil is perfect in neutralizing odors. If you don’t like its fragrance, you can replace it with pine essential oil.

3. Deodorant Roll-on

You will need a 50 ml roll-on container for deodorants. It is easy to find at cosmetic ingredients stores or online on Amazon for example.

45 ml Distilled water

2.5 g Alum powder

0.5 g Xanthan gum

20 drops tea tree essential oil

10 drops lavender essential oil

Dissolve the alum in slightly warm water.

Add the xanthan gum to the warmed water and leave for 15 min while whisking occasionally. It will form a gel.

Add the essential oils and whisk again.

Pour into a 50 ml roll-on bottle and use directly on your armpits.

4. Aloe Vera roll on


30 ml Pure Aloe Vera Gel

15 ml rosewater hydrosol

15 drops peppermint essential oil

20 drops pine essential oil

Simply, mix all together with gentle stirring to avoid foaming and pour into 50 ml roll-on container.

5. Floral Deodorant Stick

Ok, here I will challenge you with this more complicated formulation, but I promise you will love it. It will need some melting using double boiler technique and blending with an electric stick blender.


12 g Candelilla floral wax

12 g mango butter

6 g stearic acid (easily found in all cosmetic ingredient stores and amazon. Also not expensive at all)

26 g jojoba oil or fractionated coconut oil (! Don’t use basic coconut oil)

3g alum powder

21 drops tea tree essential oil

21 drops palmarosa essential oil

Melt together the jasmine wax, the mango butter, and the jojoba oil. Blend with a stick blender on the high power for 2-3 min.

Add the alum powder and blend again.

Add the essential oils and blend.

Pour while hot into a deodorant stick container and let it cool overnight.

These recipes are formulated by experienced naturalists cosmeticians (like me but not only) and they are safe and efficient.  Find your favorite formulation according to you preferences and skin type. If you want to go further and to design more sophisticated natural deodorant sticks and roll-on with a professional look and feel, please subscribe to my newsletter and I will publish some cosmetic formulations very soon.

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